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>What is CapSolver?

What is CapSolver?

CapSolver is the next generation of captcha recognition solution based on machine learning. We are committed to providing more independent developers with more stable, fast and flexible captcha solution services, allowing customers to easily access and obtain more efficient services at a lower cost. CapSolver also provides professional image recognition and other customization services for many enterprise customers.


Consider the scenario where you need to complete hundreds or thousands of online forms in order to carry out extensive market research for your next major project. Automation of the process is the only method to actually do this.

But the online form or forms you’re attempting to fill out have captchas, which is the issue. Yes, those bizarre text and image recognition tests that you must complete in order to demonstrate your humanness. These tests somehow defeat the purpose of automation.

The term “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart” (CAPTCHA) is one that we are all familiar with.

The CAPTCHA test determines whether a person or machine is solving the puzzle.

In this instance, the machine is essentially computer software acting in the capacity of a robot, or bot.

Bots are prevented from using different computing services or gathering particular types of sensitive data by CAPTCHA.

For instance, to avoid automated form submissions for — CAPTCHA protected — polling or automated free email address registration.

Only a human would be able to pass the CAPTCHA test, while bots would be unable to.

The methods presented in this article explain how interested parties can use bots to circumvent the CAPTCHA security.

How Captcha Solvers work

A captcha cannot theoretically be “solved” without being solved. The only way around the issue is to delegate the task to someone else. And that’s where services like Capsolver that solve captchas come into play. These services provide two methods for resolving captchas:

Optical Character Recognition

In order to complete the captcha, OCR technology is used. The technique is automated and seeks to locate text inside captcha pictures in order to function.

Human Captcha Solving services

This works by engaging experts to solve captchas for consumers in order to identify any captchas that cannot be done automatically. The employed captcha solvers are available at all times. They instantly receive a captcha, work it out, and then send it back.

How to use a captcha solver service

Using a captcha solver, automatically

The majority of captcha solving providers allow you to incorporate their services into your automated programs via APIs, which is helpful if you’re a market research professional attempting to avoid captcha solving and outsource the labor.

Typically, the workflow includes the following steps:

CapSolver captcha solution services crack the captcha in within 5 seconds. ReCaptcha may take a little longer because human captcha solvers typically intercept them.

For people attempting to avoid solving

There are several browser add-ons or extensions available to accomplish the process for people who just don’t want to deal with captchas or who have trouble solving them because of impaired vision.

These add-ons have the ability to automatically recognize captchas on websites and resolve them while the user is reading the page. CapSolver has such an extension open to all.

Using ReCaptcha solver and ReCaptcha solve

The majority of captcha-solving services use Google ReCaptcha as well, which may occasionally be extremely unpleasant when filling out specific online forms and documents. The operation of a ReCaptcha solver is identical to that of a captcha solver.

One integrates the internet APIs and/or sets up browser plugins to solve ReCaptchas on the user’s behalf. Another option is to attempt the audio challenge, which is maybe simpler to complete than the ReCaptcha visuals.

ReCaptcha solve bots and using a VPN are two other methods. ReCaptcha solving is legal with some VPNs, however these VPNs are not as inexpensive or cost-free as other popular VPNs on the market. The solve bots function similarly to captcha solver plug-ins.

Best Captcha Solving Service

There are several captcha-solving services on the market right now. Here are some of the most well-known captcha-solving services and how services may be superior to those of most of its rivals.

One of the best captcha solutions available today is probably Capsolver. It employs artificial intelligence and get around captchas and offers an API that supports a broad variety of computer languages. Both ReCaptcha v2 and v3 are supported, and processing often takes less than 12 seconds with good accuracy. Every customer has access to focused support. Additionally, the prices are reasonable and there is a money-back guarantee.

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