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Our position & Report abuse

Capsolver's services strictly prohibit any user from engaging in purposes that infringe the interests of others, including but not limited to cybercrime, cracking, and fraudulent. Capsolver is committed to helping start-up companies with more powerful AI algorithms to do SEO, AD verification, benign crawlers and other business growth scenarios, helping them save budget.

Report abuse to us - for Infringed companies

If someone uses our services to infringe on your interests in an illegal way, please contact us immediately, once the case is true, we will stop their services and provide the information we have, and do our best to help you recover your losses.

Report abuse to us - for antibot companies

We HATE cybercrime. If you are an anti-bot company and you observed fraudulent usage from perhaps one of our users, we will take this into serious consideration, please contact us immediately. If this is the case, the business that committed this abuse will be promptly kicked from our system and forbidden from any further interactions.

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