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Migration from others

If you want to know why you need to migrate, you can read Why CapSolver was chosen. This paper introduces how to quickly from 2captcha/AntiCaptcha/CapMonster platform seamless migration


The following methods may not be fully valid and will not work for clients with certificate ssl detection enabled. We currently only support 2captcha

3 steps to migrate


This guide is intended for non-support CapSolver Software/service, if 2captcha/AntiCaptcha/software/service integration CapMonster/RuCaptcha/Antigate/RuCaptcha/Anycaptcha/AYCD, you will be able to use CapSolver. You can use our service directly by modifying the hosts file without modifying any code.

  1. In your program, select one of our supported captcha solutions: '2Captcha'
  2. Then, when transferring CapTcha using your software, use your unique Capsolver API key in the applicable box.
  3. In order to CapSolver obtain the verification code from the above provider, finally The step is to match our IP to another service. Select your operating system, press Spoiler, and then follow Note.

Windows users: Open host file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Add the following at the bottom:


Connect to supported program

  1. You must find the Settings to install captcha solver in the program.
  2. After you find it, you must select/enter CapSolver as the option to resolve your captcha and enter your apiKey.