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Solving ImageToText Captchas

CapSolver supports solving text captchas, first of all you can see all the ImagToText model types we currently support and the corresponding cases in this one document:


CapSolver supports solving text captchas.

How to Use

Actions in the Browser

  1. Open the CapSolver plugin panel and check the "Text Captcha" option.

  2. Hover over the text captcha you want to solve, right-click, and select "CapSolver mark image as captcha":

  1. Hover over the element where you want to enter the captcha result, right-click, and choose "Captcha Solver: Auto captcha solving service" and then "select an input for the captcha result":

  1. After completing the above steps, CapSolver will automatically solve the text captcha for you and fill in the correct answer in the selected input field. 。

Automatic Recognition

To automatically recognize text captchas, you need to:

  1. Set the attribute capsolver-image-to-text-source="id" to the image element you want to recognize.

  2. Set the attribute capsolver-image-to-text-result="id" to the input element that will receive the answer.

  3. You can also customize your HTML attribute names through the textCaptchaSourceAttribute and textCaptchaResultAttribute fields in the config.js file.

Note: "id" is the identifier for captcha recognition and needs to correspond one-to-one.