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Developer Plan for Extension

Welcome to the Developer Plan, accessible through your dashboard. This comprehensive plan caters specifically to developers and encompasses all of our captcha services. By incorporating an AppID into the task parameters, you have the opportunity to receive a developer's share when your referrals utilize their balance. The current share ratio spans from 5% to 20%, ensuring a flexible and rewarding arrangement. To ensure fairness, we will determine your initial rate based on a thorough evaluation of your application's description. However, should you require any adjustments or have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in optimizing your experience.

We have established partnerships with over 1,000+ platforms, fostering a vast network of collaboration. Implementing the Developer Plan is a seamless process. Upon successful completion of our verification process, you will be eligible for an initial commission rate of 5%. As you provide us with your monthly distribution data, there is potential to increase your commission rate up to 20% or beyond. It is crucial to recognize that the Developer Plan operates independently from the Referral Plan, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between the two. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional and rewarding experience as a valued developer in our program.

  • Through Developer Plan, click on the Developer sub-column and you can look for the highlighted "Apply New App" button.

  • Complete the entering of basic information and then wait for the result of our review

When the status here changes from pending to activated, it means your application is approved.

How to integrate developer plan for extensions

  1. Download our extension, open the assets/config.json file, and fill in your appid

  1. Repackage the extension as a zip file
  2. And upload it to your app store (or otherwise, make it available to your users)
  1. Every time your user consumes the CapSolver balance through the extension, you will get distribution income