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Task type

CapSolver supports multiple task types. Different task types obtain data in different ways. If you're wondering how to use it here's what to look for.

Recognition task

Recognition tasks are usually classified and detected by machine learning for pictures, voice, video and other content. You can complete a lot of recognition and prediction through CapSolver's service.

  • When you encounter an OCR captcha type, you should choose the ImageToText task type, its result is returned synchronously, and the result can be obtained through createTask. Obtain the image recognition result
  • When you are using some automation extensions, such aspuppeteer chromedriver etc. You can categorize images using an image recognition task.
  • When you want to recognize a voice captcha, you can use Voice Recognition




Often, when you're developing scenarios like automation tools and RPA tools, you get recaptcha hcaptcha At this point you can get the result of the process directly through CapSolver and get a token. This type of task usually takes a long time. You need to obtain the result asynchronously by running the getTaskResult command


  • Automated tools
  • Protocol scripts