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>Using Proxies

How to use proxy

In some captcha (token) acquisition task scenarios, token authentication usually verifies the IP address generated by the token of solve, at this time we allow users to set their own client IP address via the proxy parameter to set their own client IP address.


Usually the type field of the task carries the ProxyLess suffix, that is, no proxy parameters are required, without the suffix but not the task type of image recognition requires proxy parameters, please read the task type documentation for details

Proxy supported

We support the following proxy types :SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS, IP address or login password authentication. If you need to use an IP address authentication proxy, Please add the following two IP addresses to the whitelist: ,

Proxy request parameters

We support two types of proxy

  • Use proxyType proxyAddressand other parameter mode, refer to the following
  • Use proxy parameter concatenation directly
    "clientKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "task": {
        "websiteURL": "",
        "websiteKey": "6Le-wvkSAAAAAPBMRTvw0Q4Muexq9bi0DJwx_mJ-",
        "type": "ReCaptchaV2Task",//Typically, task types that carry the ProxyLess do not require proxy

        //You can send the proxy information with one of these proxy format, please read carefully
        // proxy format 1
        "proxyType": "https",// socks5 | http | https
        "proxyAddress": "",
        "proxyPort": 3949,
        "proxyLogin": "user",
        "proxyPassword": "pass", 

        // proxy format 2
        "proxy": "socks5:",
        "proxy": "", //You don't need to put the user:pwd if it's whitelisted IP proxy

The format of proxy parameters is supported as follows:

# Supports the socks5 protocol + authentication
# Supports http + authentication
# http is used by default
# Use url dns
# Use the url socks5