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>feedbackTask: Report Result

feedbackTask:report task result

Feedback Task Result

We rely on reports to automatically analyze the quality of tokens issued by our API. These reports are processed automatically, and our team takes proactive steps to enhance token quality, such as updating the system for new tasks, improving grids, and more.

Example request

Content-Type: application/json

    "appId": "APP_ID",
    "taskId": "$taskId",
    "result": {
        "invalid": true, //true,false  Whether the results of task processing pass validation
        "code": 1001,
        "message": "invalid token"

Request Parameters

clientKeyStringRequiredClient account key, can be found in dashboard
appIdStringOptionalYour Developer appId, Apply in dashboard's developer section
taskIdStringRequiredYour task id
resultObjectRequiredTask result object
result.invalidBooleanRequiredtrue or false
result.codeIntegerOptionalcode of task result
result.messageStringOptionalinvalid token messages

Response Structure

errorIdIntegerError message:
0 - no error
1 - with error
errorCodeStringError code table
errorDescriptionStringError description
messageStringreturns the messages