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>Error codes

errorCode: full list of errors

When requesting the method, if the errorId is returned with a value of 1, you can see the specific error message in the errorCode and errorDescription

    "errorId": 1,
    "errorCode": "Error Code",
    "errorDescription": "Error Description",

Response code comparison table

2000SUCCESSSubmitted successfully, or requested successfully
4001ERRORRequest failed, please check the error code table below
4011UnauthorizedAuthentication failed, indicating that the API key is not correct

Error code comparison table

ERROR_SERVICE_UNAVALIABLEService is temporarily unavailableIt is possible that the server pressure is high, please try again later, if it continues to appear please contact customer service
ERROR_RATE_LIMITRequest frequency/rate limitService packages request rate limit. When this error occurs, you have exceeded the rate limit
ERROR_INVALID_TASK_DATAinvalid task data: ...You submitted incorrect data, please check the details of errorDescription
ERROR_BAD_REQUESTError RequestRequest error, if it persists please contact customer service
ERROR_TASKID_INVALIDTask ID does not exist or is invalidWrong ID was requested, or the ID no longer exists
ERROR_TASK_TIMEOUTThe task has timed outIf the recognition is still not successful in 120 seconds, a timeout error will be reported
ERROR_SETTLEMENT_FAILEDMission point settlement failurePlease check your balance or contact customer service
ERROR_KEY_DENIED_ACCESSWrong account keyPlease check if your clientKey key is correct, get it in the personal center
ERROR_ZERO_BALANCEInsufficient account balanceThe account balance is not enough to offset the consumption, please top up
ERROR_TASK_NOT_SUPPORTEDTask types are not supportedCaptcha type is incorrect or not yet supported
ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLECaptcha not recognizedNo deduction, please try again
ERROR_UNKNOWN_QUESTIONWrong Question IDNormaly the task cannot be processed
ERROR_PROXY_BANNEDProxy IP banned by target serviceProxy IP banned by target service
ERROR_INVALID_IMAGEImage size does not meet the requirementsInvalid image
ERROR_PARSE_IMAGE_FAILFailed to parse imagePlease check if the image BASE64 encoding is correct
ERROR_IP_BANNEDYour IP has been blocked for 10 minutesIf a large number of errors (up to 1000 times) occur within a short period of time (within 1 minute), the system will automatically blocked for 30 minutes. Please check your error information and try again
ERROR_KEY_TEMP_BLOCKEDDue to too many error requests have been blockedDue to too many error, requests have been blocked and will be automatically unblocked in 5 minutes, please try again later.